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Rozy is an independent artist and musician. In addition to his solo work, he is also a member of the Retro Rock band, "Rozy, Miko and Machi" and a member of the Alternative Rock band "La Habra Hombres". Keep tuning in to this site for updates, latest news and developments.

Rozy, Miko and Machi - Free Willie



Listen to Rozy, Miko and Machi "Free Willie" on SoundCloud

In The Press

"Rozy, Miko and Machi's Free Willie is a journey full of surprises"

Another Whisky for Mister Bukowski  (France), August 2017

"Rozy, Miko and Machi - Yesterday, with a Twist of Today"

Crooklyn Clan (NYC)  August 2017

"US psych-rockers conjure the sounds of Pink Floyd for their latest spaced-out release"

Mystic Sons (UK) August 2017

"Retro-tinged psychers Rozy, Miko and Machi release new song"

Fuzzy Sun (USA) August 2017

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